Wednesday, September 12, 2012

College Life and Incoming

Hello, all, and greetings from a college kid! I know it's been forever since I posted- for the past few days, I've been waiting for an opportunity to update. I finally got the motivation to do so this afternoon, thanks to the first incoming mail in two weeks. :) For some reason, everything that was supposed to be forwarded here from my P.O. Box... well, hasn't been forwarded. But luckily I go home every weekend and check it while I'm there. Here are some pictures of today's mail and what I found waiting for me last Friday!

A letter, postcard, and stickers from Anastasya in Russia!

A first letter from Joyce, who found me through a post on :)

Another first letter! This one comes from Marlea, who also found me through my quirks on Penpal of the Week!
With her letter, she sent me tiny envelopes and a lot of stickers!

A letter from Melanie!

A letter from Sophie!Bee, in response to my introduction letter.

A postcrossing card from Germany.

Another postcrossing card (also from Germany!)
 In addition to these, I still have quite a few letters to reply to that came either shortly after move-in day and (sadly) even before. I've had a hard time managing my time, but I think I'm finally all caught up on school work and should have a fair bit of time this week to write!

Here's a glimpse of life on my campus!

This is me zip-lining on the third day of the semester.
And this, as you can see, is a hot air balloon.
We got to take hot air balloon rides as part
of freshman orientation. Fun stuff!
That's all for now! I'm glad I got this chance to update! :) Hope everyone's having a great day!