Thursday, November 15, 2012

13 Somethings Swap

Hey all! After participating in some of the great ones I’ve seen on other blogs, I finally cracked and decided to host a swap of my own. However, since it’s a little late and the postal service will soon be very busy with holiday mailings, I don’t think there’s time to get this done before Christmas- so instead, I’ve decided to do a swap based on New Year’s! 

13 Things: New Year’s Swap

For this swap, we’ll each send our randomly chosen partners 13 items to welcome the year 2013. These items will be prompted “Somethings”-(i.e. something round, something useful,etc.) The actual list will be posted on November 25th, the day after sign-up deadlines. The deadline for sending items will be December 5th and we’ll aim for a reveal day of January 1st, 2013!

This swap is open to everyone international or regional and it doesn’t matter if you’re a follower of the blog or not. If you have a blog of your own, I ask that you re-blog about this swap and spread the word in any way you can!  The only requirements are:

-You must have some way to share the package you received via photos, whether it’s through a blog, a Facebook album, or emailing them to me if you have no way of posting them on your own. Whatever you have to do.

-You’re welcome to spend as much as you want on your partner’s package, but just for the sake of not having an incident where one person sends a $50 USD package and gets a $5 USD package in return, there will be a minimum pre-shipping spending limit of $13 USD.

As far as that monetary value goes, I’m not aiming to make this an overwhelmingly expensive swap. The “Something” prompts will be generic enough you can do almost anything you want with them, and the minimum limit averages each item at a dollar. There’s no need to drive yourself into the poor house. (Don’t worry, “Something heavy” will not be on the list!) Please do not send poor quality, damaged, or “junk” items. Send a package you’d like to receive!

To participate, send me an email at with the word “Swap” somewhere in the subject line. Other information you can include would be:

-Your name and address*

-A brief paragraph about you. Share a bit about your personality and hobbies, whatever you feel like sharing- you can drop subtle hints about things you enjoy, but this is not a section to demand or hint for specific items.

-Any food, material, or other allergies if you have them. *

-Preference for national or international (I’ll try to be as flexible as possible with this, but it all depends on how many people sign up!)

-Email address and a link to your blog if you have one. *

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