Monday, May 28, 2012

Paper Cranes and Introduction Letters

Hi guys! (And girls!) Random fact: Did you know that "guys" in the sense of "Hi, guys" like that is foul language in my household? It is frowned upon and will  get you called out by my mother in a heartbeat.

Anyway, that's beside the point.

As it's been a holiday weekened there isn't much incoming mail to talk about, with the exception of a lovely letter from my penpal Almantë (hah, I have the alt code memorized! Finally!) which came with an awesome candy bar and a set of coins! 8D No pictures again because I fail at life. Hopefully I'll have a reply out sometime this week!

As for outgoing, the only reply I've written lately will be on its way to Bri tomorrow, the letter being just one part of a parcel I hope she'll enjoy! :)

In addition to that, I have two postcrossing cards going out and six introduction letters: To Tiina in Estonia, Karli, Kandy, Katharina, Laura and Gabby. I've been writing first letters all weekend, but I can't complain because I volunteered to do so in the penpal ad I posted. However, I won't be doing any more for a while x_x

The other thing I wanted to talk about is The Paper Cranes Project. In case you didn't see my previous post about the two snail-mail related projects I'm working on, this is one I've started recently, the goal of which is to receive 1,000 origami cranes from all over the world via snail mail. As it's nearly midnight and I'm going to have a hard enough time getting up tomorrow after a three day weekend I won't go into details here, but if you're interested in the blog see the link above. And if you'd like to contribute, click here for a direct link to the guidelines/information.

Also, if anyone wants to be a dear and help spread the word about the project, I'd really appreciate it! I'm bad with publicity. :(

Take care! Here's hoping there will be lots of mail to blog about tomorrow.


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