Friday, June 1, 2012

Recent Incoming

Hello! How is everyone? :D This is just a quick update to share some of last week's incoming that I've just now gotten around to posting.

Letters from Marta and Aliya. Postcard from Annie on
and a tag from the postcrossing forums!

From my new penpal Aliya in Poland!
Awesome mail art and letter from Michi,  also in Poland! :) Also
included was the first FB I've ever received- it's now been passed on!
 And this next picture is of a drawing Michi did in her letter- I hope you don't mind my sharing this, Michi!

Adorable, right? And the caption (which you can't read, but Michi knows what I'm talking about)
made me crack up- while I was reading it at work. :)

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