Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Short Update

Hello! As usual, I'm not keeping up with my mail like I should. I haven't even been taking note of all the incoming/outgoing lately so I've probably forgotten some. :(

But here's what (I think) the current totals are:

Incoming: 32 Tári, Caddi, Eri, Stephanie, Ashley, Abbye, Gabby, Beth, Laura and Langley, Anastasya, Sandra, Laura, Emily, Shannah, Laura A., Irina, Fab, Kay, Bri, Kandy, Katherine, Beth, Ilaria, Eri, Melanie, Irene, Morrison, Stephanie I., Everett, Karli, Barbara, Shannah

Outgoing: 28 Ilaria, Morrison, Shannah, Michi, Eri, Caddi, Stephanie, Tári, Valérie, Elizabeth, Abbye, Yasmeen, Anastasya, Beth , Sara, Sandra, Laura L., Laura A., Stephanie I, Alicja, Fab, Shannah, Bri, Kandy, Kay, Ilaria, Simona, Beth

The incoming still outnumbers the outgoing, but not for long! If time allows at work, I'll stop by the post office at lunch tomorrow- right now I have 8 outgoing letters and packages, and the number is likely to hit double digits before then as I'm still dilligently working on getting caught up on replies.

The best part is I've been trying a little harder on making my envelopes more attractive, so I should have lots of colorful pictures to post when they do go out.

(What's going out tomorrow: Letter and a birthday surprise for Cazzie, penpal notebook to Hannah, letter and some goodies for Eri, letters to Romaine, Mel,  Irina and Barbara and letters + tiny surprises to Shannah and Stephanie I.)

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