Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 5 and Searching for Package Swappers

Incoming: 1 - Received a letter from my new penpal Gabby, here in the States. Met her via the postcrossing forums.

Outgoing: 1 - Sent a first letter to my new penpal Elizabeth, who I met via a Travelling Notebook project (Also on the postcrossing forums!) The TN is on its way as well.

I'll post pictures tomorrow because my phone is currently M.I.A.!

In other news, I'm looking for a few people with whom I can exchange packages. I'm willing to do these both domestically and internationally. For those of you in the States, we can exchange things as frequently as you want; for the internationals, we can make this a one time thing, or a once every two/three months thing, as you please! This interest was brought about by Swap-Bot (before I got suspended for being underage as I failed to read the rules -such a shame, I loved that site) and various package-swapping projects hosted by penpals. Anyway, here are some things I love to exchange:

If you're interested, we can exchange a list of things (like, a lot of things, so we have many options to work with) we like and set something up. Since I'm no longer on SB I'd love to find ways to exchange packages - even if you're not interested, please let me know if you know someone who is or if you're aware of any similar projects. Thanks!

-Shelby: The best way to get in touch with me is to shoot me an email at

June Totals to Date
Incoming: 7 Tári, Caddi, Eri, Stephanie, Ashley, Abbye, Gabby
Outgoing: 10 Ilaria, Morrison, Shannah, Michi, Eri, Caddi, Stephanie, Tári, Valérie, Elizabeth

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