Friday, June 1, 2012

Lettermo and Package Pals

All of the blogs I've been following lately have gotten me really inspired to participate in snail-mail related projects. I learned about Lettermo through my new penpal Fab. I think it will be great inspiration to not procrastinate on any replies, and to write more first letters on the days when I'm completely caught up.

So, here are today's results.

Lettermo: Day One

Incoming: 4

The first letter I've received from Tári (France). Love the stationery/matching envie!
First letter from Stephanie (USA), who I wrote to a while back after finding her
on I've met a few great people on there so far and hope to meet many more.
This is the first letter I've received from my new penpal Eri, who lives in Japan.
We met via a travelling notebook on the Postcrossing forums!
And finally, a letter from the wonderful Caddi (Germany). She also sent
me a  newspaper in German and some beautiful stamps!
 I should definitely have enough replies to write to get me at least one letter every day this week! Fun fact: All of the people whose letters I received today have names ending with the -ie sound. 8D Most of my penpals do, actually. Destiny, Tari, Michi, Eri, Caddi, Bri....

Outgoing: 3

Today I sent letters to Ilaria (Italy), Morrison (U.K.) and Shannah. (U.S.A.)
None of them have -i/ie endings.
June stats to date:
Sent: 3, Received: 4

Another project that I'm totally pumped about is Package Pals, which is hosted by Shannah over at Write Before Your Eyes. In this project, each of the participants will be assigned a partner (you can choose if you'd like to send domestically or internationally) whose blog they will secretly stalk to discover things they like. You then prepare a package of things you think they would love to receive, and in turn your partner will send you one as well. I'm not the best at describing things, though, so here's a link to the information as posted by Shannah. -Click here- I hope you'll all participate in it- it's a wonderful idea and I have high expectations that it will go over brilliantly.

In other news, today I went and registered for my first semester of college courses. For those of you who are in the process of writing to me, if you're interested remind me to tell you all about it. To the seven awaiting replies from me, I'll fill you in on my freshman schedule in my letters.


  1. Yay, I can't wait to receive your letter! Also, I'm glad you are participating in the Package Pals Project, and thank you for reblogging! ;)

  2. I'm glad you got my letter! I was a bit worried that it might be too heavy.
    Take care, I hope you are doing alright!