Monday, June 18, 2012

A Failed Attempt, But No Worries!

So, bad news! I failed my first attempt at Lettermo. Only, I don't really feel like it's bad news, because while I was attempting it, I felt obligated to write the letters and wasn't really enjoying it. So I stopped. But I haven't stopped mailing or anything, I've just been too lazy to update - as usual. :)

Since my last post, I've received letters from Bri, Kandy, Katharina and Beth.

I've sent letters to: Fab, Shannah and Bri.

Incoming: 22 Tári, Caddi, Eri, Stephanie, Ashley, Abbye, Gabby, Beth, Laura and Langley, Anastasya, Sandra, Laura, Emily, Shannah, Laura A., Irina, Fab, Kay, Bri, Kandy, Katherine, Beth

Outgoing: 23 Ilaria, Morrison, Shannah, Michi, Eri, Caddi, Stephanie, Tári, Valérie, Elizabeth, Abbye, Yasmeen, Anastasya, Beth , Sara, Sandra, Laura L., Laura A., Stephanie I, Alicja, Fab, Shannah, Bri

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